rk.1bpm.net artist profile for the person behind this domain
csound.1bpm.net Csound plugin opcodes, builds etc
git.1bpm.net git repositories of various projects including Csound plugins and other such audio shenanigans
vaqeria.1bpm.net project page for the audible Vaqeria collaboration between Richard Knight and Mauricio Pauly
peep.1bpm.net automatically compositing insecure webcam project
1993.1bpm.net replica of a vision of 1993 based on ray tracing and soundblaster 16 synthesis
jerk.1bpm.net micro and minimal abnormal techno collaboration between Richard Knight and Juergen Ehrmann
txt.1bpm.net inappropriate textual incantations
electronicorganica.1bpm.net archive of experimental music events run in Manchester by Richard Knight and Ian Simpson
lentboy.1bpm.net artist profile for Lentboy, a footwork/juke type inspired project
old.1bpm.net archive of previous site incarnations and abandoned projects
nand.1bpm.net promotional site for Richard Knight's pure no-input mixer album, Sleight of NAND, from 2010.
stalkertalk.1bpm.net designed to just overload your browser


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